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Developing E-Procurement Systems: A Case Study on the Government E-Procurement Systems in Korea

PFM, Vol. 4 No. 2, (2004)

Korea launched national e-procurement systems in September
30, 2002. The adoption of the e-procurement systems in the central
government of Korea has been acknowledged as successful. This paper
presents a case study describing the public e-procurement systems of
Korea, analyzing the development process, and finding factors for
successful adoption of the systems. Government e-Procurement Systems
(GePS) is a portal site providing information on public procurement
and an application service provider of public procurement. GePS
advances procurement service by reducing paper work and red tape,
expanding the range of commodity selection, and standardizing
services. Government-wide support including the President had a
crucial role for the adoption of GePS. High capacity of information
technology and institutional collaboration among public agencies were
other foundations for the successful establishment of GePS.

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