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Creation and Successful Implementation of a new Budgeting and Accounting-System in Germany, with Stress on Electronic Tools (1)

PFM, Vol. 4 No. 2, (2004)

A fundamental characteristic of the new German Budgeting
and Accounting System (BAS) is the management process, which uses
administration products as the basis. An important goal of monitoring
and controlling is to guarantee the maintenance of the substance of the
public infrastructure resources. To achieve this, the currently used
cash resources concept will be extended to a total economic resources
concept. Therefore the annual budget consists of two plans, a cashbased
plan which registers cash receipts and payments and an
accrual-based income plan which accounts for the revenues and
expenses. This new BAS can develop its effectiveness for monitoring
and controlling only by running Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
software. This is indispensable with regard to e-government

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