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Manuscript Submission

Public Finance and Management publishes original work. Manuscripts found to plagiarize previously published work will be rejected; this includes manuscripts that make substantial use of ‘redundancy’ (i.e. self-plagiarizing – the extensive use of authors' previous work) may also be rejected. Please see PFM's ethics guidelines for more information.

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts submitted to PFM should be emailed to the editor as Microsoft Word files:

Correspondence for PFM may also be sent to the editor at:
M. Peter van der Hoek
P.O. Box 137
NL-3350 AC Papendrecht
Telephone +31-78-6153453 (or, if no answer: +31-10-4088813)

Guidelines for manuscripts submitted for review

All manuscripts submitted for review must:

Guidelines for accepted articles

Guidelines for articles accepted in PFM are available directly from the journal's editor.

All credited authors must complete and return a publication contract. Contracts may be completed online at pfm.spaef.org/contract.